Online Lessons

Since taking ‘Whittlesea Music’ into the online world of instrumental tuition we have found there to be a wide variety of benefits! The overwhelming benefit is convenience.

  • No travel time,

  • Greater flexibility in scheduling lesson and make up times and,

  • Growing as a musician from the comfort of your own home.

Whittlesea Music utilises the ‘Zoom’ online platform, which streamlines the organisation and connectivity for our students. Students are given their own personal ID and Password which connects them directly to their teacher.

Our teachers have noticed their students take more accountability for their daily practice and direction of learning, which as a result builds student confidence and helps develop vital aural skills.

Online lessons have allowed parents to build stronger relationships with their childs’ teacher, especially for students that usually have face-to-face lessons ‘on campus’ during school hours, assisting parents to further support their childs’ learning.